Daniel Blanchard was born in Waltham, Massachusetts and was raised in Winthrop, Maine.

Daniel comes from a large musical family of 9 boys and 4 girls. Growing up, he enjoyed listening to his father play the piano at home, while his mother sang. Daniel’s father was a self taught pianist and was Daniel’s most important influence.

Daniel did his first performances in high school talent shows. It was then he knew that he wanted to be a professional piano player. At an early age of 17, Daniel landed his first paying job as a piano player in a fine dining restaurant in his hometown area. Soon after, Daniel attended a local music college, where he was exposed to a wide range of music and teachers.

At 19, Daniel moved to Texas and started playing piano at the Woodlands Resort. He took a few years to play on cruise ships traveling from South America to Europe, mostly touring the Caribbean. During this time, Daniel started to incorporate singing into his performances, and his audiences loved it. By the time his contract was up he was a professional piano player with a wealth of performing experience to his credit.

Daniel performs private engagements and publicly in fine dining restaurants in The Woodlands area north of Houston, Texas such as Kirby’s Steak House, Amerigo’s, The Lodge, The Woodlands Resort, Raveneaux Country Club, PM Bistro & Lounge, and Crush Wine Bar.

His fans describe his voice as “rich, soothing and relaxing” and he has been favorably compared to Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel.

Often times for corporate events Daniel hires other musicians to join him on stage. His duos, trios or up to seven-member band enables him to play larger venues. When Daniel is not performing, he is in his studio (The Blanchard Brothers Studio) offering studio services such as recording local artists or providing music backgrounds, voice overs and touch ups.